Regulators bbq


Regulators BBQ

Billy the Kid's gang, the Regulators were an American old west posse that fought in the Lincoln County War of 1878.
The gang was originally formed as a force to track down cattle rustlers and bring them to justice.

In 2015 a 21st Century version of the Regulators emerged. 
 The first war was battled by a small posse at the
Australian BBQ Wars on the shores of Port Macquarie by a gang known as Smoking Gun BBQ.
Soon after, the gang was deputised and the Regulators BBQ gang was formed - led by Billy the Pit

Regulators BBQ are not so concerned with bringing justice to cattle rustlers - our passion is ensuring the cattle is cooked to perfection!

BBQ so good it should be outlawed...


Regulators BBQ is proud to have the support of the following awesome companies.


ALPHA Fresh Foods

ACT’s leading omni-food supplier stocking fresh fruit and veg, meat, chicken and seafood products all locally sourced for supermarkets, clubs, hotels, cafés, restaurant and much.. 

Krio Krush

Krio manufacture and supply premium savoury seasonings and food ingredients for the food industry. We specialise in all natural savoury seasonings, herbs and spices. KRIO is an Australian owned and family operated company with years of experience.

Hammer Stahl Knives

Hammer Stahl is a world class brand synonymous with exceptional quality, performance and value due to the handle design, steel quality and blade specifications. Hammer Stahl’s presence has grown significantly in the last 3 years and has been recognized by celebrity chefs and world famous US Pitmasters like Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone and Andy Groneman.


Regulators BBQ are proud supporters of Soldier On with portions of our vending profits being donated to the valuable cause.

Soldier On

Soldier On supports those who have served by focusing on their physical and mental health, their community and their future. Soldier On  have assisted thousands as they have dealt with physical and psychological wounds from their service.